Special Guest Appearance by Farrah Fawcett

This is the first of Farrahs 6 guest appearances.

Kris returns home to find that Jill has returned home from Europe.  Jill says that she has returned home because she received an urgent telegram from Kris which said there was an emergency, but Kris informs Jill that she never sent any telegrams to her.  They go to the office to catch up with Kelly, Sabrina and Bosley who are all surprised to see Jill.  They all become suspicious when an old acquaintance of Jills, Paul Ferino, calls Charlie and asks him to get Jill to meet him in a carpark.  All the angels go with Jill to the carpark but when Paul arrives Jill leaves with him on her own.  Paul tells Jill that he has also received a telegram from Jill asking him to return but Jill definitely didn't send it.

Paul and Jill head to the race track where he shows Jill his new top secret racing car that he has designed which he asks Jill to drive in the US Grand Prix.  When Pauls car explodes, injurying his mechanic Danny Bligh, Paul becomes suspicious of Jills fiance Steve Carmody, who has just turned up at the track to be with Jill.  Paul and Steve have known each other for 10 years as they have raced against each other and they don't get on.

Sabrina becomes suspicious of Steve when she follows Danny Bligh and observes him passing something to Steve.  They investigate Steve and decide that he is their main suspect because he has a grudge against Paul Ferrino, has large gambling debts and he also doesn't want Jill to drive Pauls car in the Grand Prix.

Kris confronts Jill and Steve and Steve gets angry and storms out of the beach house.  The follow him to the race track and realise that it was the keys to Pauls car that Danny passed to Steve and all Steve wanted to do was take it for a test drive because he was worried about Jill.  As Steve is driving around the track, the car explodes killing him instantly.

Sabrina and Kelly promise a distraught Jill that they will get the truth out of Danny Bligh who seems to be the key.  Danny admits that he made the bombs for Paul Ferrino but he did not plant them.  Paul wanted his car totalled because his car was a failure and he would lose everything he had unless he could prove that someone destroyed his car.  Jill confronts him and he tries to kill her but the others turn up in time to stop him.

Season 3